Promote Peace Education Somalia Featured

Somalia has suffered devastating civil war that continued over the last 25 years. The war completely destroyed national institutions, and undermined the social foundations of Somali society. The younger generation has grown up in a miserable, disillusioning environment, lacking a sense of safety and trust in the community.A war mentality and violent culture has become part of youngsters’ everyday life. Because of their tendencies to violence together with their sense of hopelessness, young people can easily be recruited by warlords and the extremist Islamists. As members of the Somali diaspora with training in peace building our desire was to give back to our homeland through higher education students. We hoped that teaching our participants universal peace values, human rights, non-violent conflict resolution, effective communication and conflict transformation skills will help them transform themselves positively and develop culture of peace, harmony, and coexistence.The peace education training will also help university students restore of sense of hope, confidence, community spirit and social solidarity in the midst of civilwar. Read article... Scroll down !!!