Somali YouTubers Featured

Melbourne (banooda)-Nowadays many Somalis created YouTube channels looking for green (Click money) and without reading or knowing the guidelines or rules and regulations of YouTube and in addition to this, they post fake stories, unnecessary and unethical posts which has zero benefits for the community. Please stop posting unwanted and immoral posts.

It has become a very common event that Somali parents engage their kids in acting. They sale and exploit their flesh and blood to gain money and fame. Please stop using your kids as a source of income and fame. This will lead your kids in delinquency and a dark future. Children that are put into this industry without any wanting or desire to do so, often end up resenting you later in life. Think about that before you make these decisions on their behalf. In addition to this, many Somali spouses/couples are engaging and recording uncultured, uncomfortable and unconscionable different events and post on social media (YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTOK, etc) to gain some cents and fame and without thinking wisely about their reputation and family dignity. Please think twice before you do it.

Melbourne, Australia