Unending Terror on Somalia Featured

The people of Somalia continue to endure suffering due to the unending attacks by the Al Shabab takfiri terrorist group.

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The reign of this al Qaeda linked terror groups is making the situation worse for Somali civilians who are also facing the worst drought in decades. The deadliest attack in recent times took place late October in the Somali capital Mogadishu where at least 100 people were killed.

An eye witness speaks here of what transpired. This week we are focusing on the never ending terrorist attacks in Somalia. Hundreds have lost their lives this year following attacks by the Al Shabab terrorist group.

We are asking, why are civilians being killed in terrorist attacks across Somalia while the United States regularly claims that its military forces are in the country to battle Al Shabab terrorists?

The second part of our program is on poverty that is afflicting millions of children across East and Southern Africa amid a devastating drought. We are asking, how is neo-colonialism contributing to this unfolding crisis?

Source: presstv