Somalia: Facts and Figures, January - June 2022 Featured

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has a long history in Somalia spanning over 40 years of conflict response and humanitarian assistance.

We are working in partnership with the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to help communities affected by a combination of protracted armed conflict and recurring climate shocks.

This year, more than 7 million people in Somalia continue to face the severe effects of the current extreme drought, and as global food and fuel prices continue to rise, the complex effects of food insecurity become even more devastating.

The increase in violence and conflict has further exacerbated the situation in many parts of the country, especially in hard-to-reach areas where access to essential services is already difficult.

Since the beginning of the year, the ICRC has geared up its’ efforts to provide vital assistance to communities most affected by water scarcity, food insecurity, malnutrition and disease outbreaks, focusing primarily on conflict affected areas where few or no other humanitarian actors are present.

Source: reliefweb