Meet the Director of Somali’s Reporting Center an ex-wife of one of Al-Shabab leaders Featured

Did you know Somalia ranks among the world’s most corrupt countries in the world? Somalia’s Corruption Perception Index increased to 13 index points in 2021. According to the 2021 Corruption Perception Index report by Transparency International, Somalia falls 178 the least corrupt nation out of 180 countries.

I would say without any hesitation that FRC is the most corrupt and unjust government institution in Somalia. You might be asking yourself why I am making such a bold statement naming FRC the most corrupt government institution in Somalia.

In this report, you will know what’s going on behind FRC’S closed doors. What I am going to say in this report is nothing but the truth and I only speak of my own experiences. Consequently, everything I tell you in this report is my truth and what I have witnessed and experienced behind the walls of FRC. I am a Somali citizen that lives and works in Mogadishu, Banadir Somalia. I work for Somalia’s Financial Reporting Centre known as FRC. The reason I decided to write this report and speak up now is that things are getting worse day after day at FRC. I can no longer keep silent about the corruption and unjust I witness every day. I passionately hate corruption and injustice. I might not have the power to make any changes but, have the power to expose the evildoers. As stated above, everything I am sharing with you in this report is something I have seen and heard in first-hand experience. Most importantly, it is an open secret, all the employees know what is going on, but are afraid to speak up for fear of losing their livelihood.

When you google FRC, you will learn that the official director of this institution is Amina Mohamed Ali. So, who is Amina Mohamed Ali? Amina is a U.K. citizen and came to Somalia in 2008, but was born and raised in Baidhabo. She is from the Rahanwanye tribe. Her husband is MP, her father was MP in the previous Farmajo government. Everyone knows Amina including the International community (World Bank, State Department, IMF, etc) that she was once married to one of the Al-Shabab leaders. This information is only known by certain people and is held at the military court by a man named Shoote. Yet, she is the director of Somalia’s Financial Intelligent Unit. She is the director of Somalia’s Financial Reporting Centre which claims it is fighting terrorism, and corruption, and going after foreign and domestic politically exposed persons. She was married to a terrorist leader, her father was MP for southwest for the last 5 years, and her current husband is MP. No government would permit such a person to be the director of a country’s financial intelligence unit. First, she has had a link to a terrorist group. Second, her husband Nuh is a domestic politically exposed person (MP), and her father was a domestic politically exposed person (MP). This is unconstitutional and a conflict of interest.

Download here: Meet the Director of Somali’s Reporting Center an ex-wife of one of Al-Shabab leaders