Corruption in Somalia’s government: How Damul Jadiid group is looting the nation Featured

The re-election of President Hassan Sheikh had brought a glimmer of hope to the Somali people. They had expected that Hassan Sheikh, as a former president, would continue the prosperity that Famraajo’s government established. However, that hope was quickly shattered as the Somali people began to see the same old practices of corruption, nepotism, and theft of public property that had plagued the country for years.

The Damul Jadiid group, which had previously been responsible for looting and pillaging the government’s coffers, now seemed to have their sights set on stealing the wealth of the Somali people once again. Reports emerged of President Hassan Culusow’s family, who were said to consider themselves the owners of the Somali government, being involved in corruption and fraud in all government institutions. This led to members of Villa Somalia losing their jobs, as they stood up against the desire of the first lady of the president to control the nation, further sullying the reputation of the Damul Jadid group and President Hassan Sheikh.

The war against the terrorist group al-Shabaab, which had been welcomed by all the Somali people, was now said to be hindered by the Damul Jadeed group’s culture of corruption. They were accused of crippling the Somali government in the war, and putting their own interests above those of the nation.

The Somali people were fed up with the practices of the Damul Jadiid group, and saw President Hassan Sheikh’s government as just another iteration of the same corrupt leadership that had plagued the country for years. They felt that their hope for a government that would work for their wishes and the development of the Somali government had been reduced once again.

At the centre of Somalia’s affairs, there was a growing tension between the Damul Jadid group and the public. The president was busy with the Somali leadership, and his time had ended, as he explained to his mafia group, Damul Jadid. This led to the work of government agencies being hindered, and the public felt that their needs were not being met.

Biden, Hassan Sheikh & his daughter

This group had not yet completed fermentation, and they still held positions in the government as members of the regime of Nabad iyo Nolol but it was expected that this mafia group would make a big change and target everyone who saw them as different from their group. The hope of the people was that they were waiting for their 4-year term to pass as soon as possible.

The people were at the last place of despair, and there was a real hope that the people feel that the government has not reached the point where they have given up. The reason is that the group that is in the habit, while they are in power, is to make wealth from public property.

One of the things that led to the collapse was that every ministry had a source of finance, which members close to the president’s family wanted to fight against. Among the organisations that were attacking the president’s family, was the organisation of the Somali army, whose value to the Somali government we all know.

According to the news, close sources have confirmed to us that they have completely taken over the family. After Ulusow appointed his daughter-in-law Haawo Ahmed Hasan. The national authorities have now made it an institution belonging to the president’s family, and they want to legitimise the commercial property.

The Somali National Security Agency had a crucial role to play in monitoring, protecting, and testing everything that came into the country and everything that is manufactured in the country. However, it turned out that this mafia group, Damul Jadiid, wanted to take money from Somali businessmen for the rations and medicines from the port of Mogadishu, because there are no manufacturing factories. They are not only looting the government’s wealth but also exploiting the people’s basic needs for their own gain.

The Somali people are at a boiling point, they have had enough of the Damul Jadiid group’s corruption and nepotism. They are tired of seeing their government institutions hijacked by a select few, who only care about lining their own pockets. The Somali people demand change, they demand a government that works for them, not one that exploits them.

The time has come for the Damul Jadiid group to be held accountable for their actions. The Somali people will not stand idly by while their country is plundered by a corrupt elite. It’s time for a new era in Somalia, one where the needs and desires of the people are put before the greed of a select few. The Somali people will not rest until justice is served, and the Damul Jadiid group is held accountable for their actions.
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