From Struggling to Pay Rent to Multi-Millionaire: “Ex-PM Roble Builds Property Portfolio in Kenya” Featured

Former Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who served as acting PM for less than two years, accumulated sizable property portfolios in Kenya. Mr. Roble who has stolen a vast amount of wealth from the Somali government in short period of time invested in real estate, building projects and various economic sectors in Kenya.

The former prime minister’s contempt for Somalis has enraged Somalia’s development partners, who see his thievery as impeding the country’s statebuilding efforts. According to a confidential diplomat, the federal government’s silence has further eroded the EU’s trust in Somalia’s current leadership.

The enormous amount of money plundered from the government of Somalia has been lavishly spent both inside and outside of Somalia. Mr. Roble, who appears content to have stolen the wealth of the Somali people, shows no signs of being afraid of persecution or being pursued by the Somali State.

Mr. Roble is said to have purchased a $2.1 million Villa in Lavington, a residential suburb of Nairobi, which is one of the most expensive properties in Kenya. He also acquired a full apartment complex in Eastleigh, Nairobi, and recently bought a Lexus SUV and a custom-built BMW.

Many Somali observers are astounded at how Mr. Roble, who was struggling to pay his $950 monthly apartment rent just 17 months ago, has amassed such wealth in such a short period of time. According to one of his old friends, he had a “keen sense of urgency and a desire to amass a sizable sum of money.”

The Somali Federal government, led by President Mohamoud, has reportedly given Mr. Roble and his relatives a monopoly on purchasing and exporting Khat from Kenya to Somalia, allowing them to make substantial profits on a daily basis.

According to unconfirmed reports, President Mohamoud is a joint venture partner with Mr. Roble in Miraa exports from Kenya. They share the Miraa Export proceeding together.

The impact of such corrupt practices on the statebuilding process in Somalia cannot be understated. The theft of national assets undermines the stability and security of the country, leading to the growth of radical groups and hindering national development and growth.

Source: hornsentinel