The Federal Constitution is the founding legal framework which guides governance and operations of the country’s public institutions and rule of law as well as relationships between Member States and Central Authorities. Despite persistent advocacy on the part of successive Puntland administrations in many forums

and venues, the Federal Constitution still remains uncompleted before a referendum is held for its final adoption. This has become an obstacle to trust and cooperation between states, particularly, between FGS and Puntland State. Because the Federal Constitution is still unsettled, power and resources sharing are becoming increasingly difficult and unattainable as successive Federal governments continue to avoid political consensus and accountability in order to dictate their centralist policies, even with regards to fiscal federalism. Little inputs or advice is sought in areas needed for collective decision-making or agreements by consensus. The unilateral and centralist FGS plans and policies led to perpetual frictions between FGS and FMS. Puntland State, being the oldest of the Federal Member States and having relatively more advanced institutions, is seen more visible than others, in expressing deep concerns about the state of Federal affairs. Puntland State of Somalia has no political agenda other than to see the leaders of the FGS committed to the completion of the Constitution and development of federal framework and institutions that work for the people of Somalia.

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