SOMALIA Flash Update No. 2 Fighting in Laas Caanood, Sool Region Featured

Heavy fighting continued to be reported in Laas Caanood in the disputed Sool Region. • More than 185,000 people have been displaced from Laas Caanood, according to an inter-agency assessment mission.

• The assessment team identified major gaps in all sectors. • Authorities in Puntland and Somaliland have called for assistance to be provided to the people affected. • An inter-cluster response plan for Laas Caanood is being finalized. Partners have reported insufficient resources to respond to the new displacement.

Situation Overview

An interagency assessment mission conducted by humanitarian partners in Puntland visited villages that are hosting internally displaced people (IDPs) in Boocame, Taleex, Buuhoodle and Xudun Districts in Sool Region from 11 to 13 February. The assessment team reported that more than 185,000 people have been displaced by the fighting in Laas Caanood; an estimated 89 per cent of the IDPs in the assessed areas are women and children.

Many of the IDPs are reportedly sleeping under trees while some are living in schools and other public buildings. At least 33 primary schools and seven secondary schools have been closed, affecting about 11,690 primary and 3,560 primary secondary school students and 700 teachers, according to district authorities.

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