The Republic of Somaliland: A Struggle for Recognition, Sovereignty and Stability in the Horn of Africa Featured

Somaliland, officially known as the Republic of Somaliland is a self-declared sovereign state located in the Horn of Africa on the south coast of the Gulf of Aden. It is a de facto state that is, it has not been officially recognized by any of the states in the world. However, it has a working political system, state institutions, a military, and an economic system. Somaliland was the former part of Somalia. It gained independence from Somalia in 1991 after overthrowing Somali military dictator Siad Barre.

A Brief History and Struggles of Somaliland
Somaliland has a deep history dating back to ancient times. It had been ruled by indigenous Somali tribes for centuries. The spread of Islam started in the region during the 7th century. Parts of Somaliland were ruled by the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century. It also remained under the occupation of Egypt during the early 19th century.

Road to British Occupation (1840-1960)
The Islamic empires of the region lost their control in the 1840s and the British Empire started occupying the territories.  The British wanted to use the area as a link to the Suez Canal to facilitate trade and exports. Native leaders made different agreements with the English which paved the way for British colonization. Somaliland remained a British protectorate until 1960.

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