The Consequeces of Deforestation in Somalia Featured

Melbourne, 12/09/2023 (banooda)-Drought has become a common and frequent event in Somalia every year. There are many factors that contribute to this drought, with one of the major reasons being deforestation for

firewood, charcoal, and building materials. A few greedy businesspeople are involved in this trade, showing little concern for the development and wellbeing of the Somali people. Unfortunately, there is no powerful government in place to address this detrimental industry that seriously affects the livelihood of millions of Somalis.

To protect the environment and improve the living standards of Somalis, the government of Somalia should introduce and enforce legislation to ban this destructive practice of deforestation. They should also explore alternative sources of energy, such as renewable energy, and promote the use of locally-sourced building materials.

Prepared by:
Awes Amin