Somalia: Brief: Laas Caanood Vulnerability Assessment For People With Disabilities and Elderly People, May 2023 Featured

KEY MESSAGES• People with disabilities and elderly people displaced from Laas Caanood report limited access to basic needs like food, safe water, and shelter. Secondary sources suggest this struggle extends to many others facing displacement from the same region.

• Elderly people and people with a disabilities face additional burdens, such as difficulties accessing medication for person living with a chronic health condition. This indicates that they encounter specific challenges beyond the general limitations of access to basic needs.

• People with a disabilities and elderly people reported a wide range of different physical and mental barriers limiting their coping capacity. Difficulty travelling long distance was regularly reported, while one person with a disability reported not being able to earn an income or remember key details such as distribution locations if assistance were to arrive.

• Other IDPs and the host community were a critical form of support for people with a disabilities and elderly people. Social capital* appeared to be a critical resource for these groups.

• Women and minority ethnic person and people without relatives nearby have reported more vulnerability.

Source: reliefweb