UAE's Illegal Mining Activities in Puntland and False Jihadist Threat Reports Featured

This analysis addresses the ongoing issue of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)reportedly engaging in illegal mining activities in the Puntland region of Somalia.

Furthermore, it rebuts the claims made in the recent report by the Emirates Policy
Center (EPC), which alleges an expansion of the Islamic State (IS) in Puntland as a
new round of jihadist infighting in Somalia. The report is seen as an attempt to divert
attention from the UAE’s exploitative practices and to scare the Western alliance
with the exaggerated threat of jihadist penetration in Somalia and the broader
African continent.

The Puntland region of Somalia is rich in natural resources, including gold and
various other minerals. The UAE has been involved in the exploitation of these
resources, often bypassing legal frameworks and engaging in activities that
local authorities and international watchdogs have condemned as illegal. This
exploitation undermines Somalia's sovereignty and deprives its people of their
rightful share of natural resource wealth.

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