Istanbul’s justice minister announced Thursday that Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s son is expected to return to Turkey to face trial over a fatal traffic accident in Istanbul. On November 30, Mohamud hit Yunus Emre
From the Great Migration across the plains of the Serengeti to chimpanzee trekking in the misty Mahale Mountains...
Observers say Somalia’s accession to the bloc comes with multiple opportunities but also multiple challenges.
Somalia’s admission to the East African Community now hands the mandate to the bloc to fix the Horn of Africa country’s fluid and volatile security under the region’s strategy that seeks to guide regional level interventions in the peace and security sector, to respond to the nature and form of the ever-evolving security threats.
AT least 124 people have died following heavy rainfall in the Horn of Africa region. The fatalities have been documented in Kenya (50 deaths), Somalia (41) and Ethiopia (33).
How world leaders attending the UN Climate Summit can make a difference for people bearing up to the consequences of extreme weather events
Riyadh, November 10, 2023, SPA -- The "Riyadh Declaration" statement was issued todayat the conclusion of the Saudi-African Summit held in Riyadh, as follows:
A Minneapolis suburb has elected the state's first Somali American mayor.
Waa mid ka mid ah raggii ugu saamaynta badnaa gobolka Nugaal isagoo soo maamulay laba degmo oo ka tirsan gobolkaas.
Somali Magazine Nov 3 ,2023 – Hon Abdirahman Mohamed Sheikh is an industrious Somalia Member of Parliament who has embarked on a journey to drive good governance in the country.