NAIROBI— The far-reaching consequences of Somalia’s widespread corruption have extended beyond its borders, with the ill-gotten gains now driving a property boom in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Experts believe that the influx of dirty money from Somalia’s corrupt officials and business elite is distorting the real estate market.
The athlete’s 21.81 seconds, which was more than 10 seconds slower than the winning mark of 11.58 seconds, has been generally referred to as the “slowest-ever” time in the 100-metre history.
A recent viral video has provided us with an answer to the question of how slow a runner must finish a race to create a scandal.
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — African leaders have left two days of meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin with little to show for their requests to resume a deal that kept grain flowing from Ukraine and to find a path to end the war there.
In Kenya’s rural northeast, roadside bombs and beheadings that last month resulted in the deaths of two dozen people appear to be part of a troubling escalation of violence by al-Qaeda-linked militants, analysts say.
The U.S. military command in Africa has said it conducted an airstrike in central Somalia that killed five al-Shabab militants.

Regulatory body. The lack of proper regulations has made it extremely difficult for potential buyers to get a clear picture of the market, as prices are often inflated and there is no organized system in place to manage the rental or buyer’s market. This has resulted in a situation where buyers must rely on their own instincts to make judgment. The property sector in Somalia is in dire need of regulation in order to protect the rights of buyers and sellers, as well as to ensure that real estate transactions are conducted in an orderly manner. Currently, there is no unified system of land registration, meaning that many disputes over ownership remain unresolved.
Normal light-to-moderate rainfall in early June continues to support drought recovery across much of Somalia.
The African Union (AU) Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) said its forces killed two al-Shabaab militants and recovered weapons during an ambush on Friday evening in Beled Amin, southwestern Somalia.
Kenya said Wednesday it was delaying the planned reopening of its long-closed border with Somalia after a number of deadly attacks on its soil attributed to the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab.