Qatar said it will continue its humanitarian support for the Horn of Africa, calling on the international community to learn from previous experiences in facing major challenges and crises around the world, and to unify multilateral action, in order to face international challenges and crises.
* Somalia’s government announced an agreement on Sunday that a one-person one-vote system would be introduced in June 2024* Eight prominent politicians, among them former president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and four former prime ministers, issued a statement Monday objecting to the agreement
President Museveni has broken his silence about the deadly Al-Shabab attack on the UPDF base in Somalia, saying the soldiers panicked.
Hordhac-Si loo helo doorasho xor iyo xalaal ah oo leh halbeeg caalami ah, waa in la xaqiijiyo xaqa mawaadinka uu u leeyahay in la doorto ama uu wax doorto.
More than a million Somalis have been displaced within their own country in just over four months through a ‘toxic’ mix of drought, conflict and floods, humanitarian agencies said on Wednesday.
Melbourne, 24/05/2023 (banooda)-Cabdullaahi Macalin Maxamed, wuxuu ku dhashay Degmada Buurhakaba, sannadkii 1932. Wuxuu ku koray kuna barbaaray Tuulo la yiraahdo Barkatle oo u dhow Degmada Buurhakaba.
Doha, Qatar: Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia H E Salah Ahmed Jama said that President of Somalia H E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s visit to Qatar, which he concluded on Thursday, was successful and achieved fruitful results in favour of the outstanding relations between the two countries and peoples.
How do the rival Sudanese army and the paramilitary RSF stack up against each other, and what might happen next?The crisis in Sudan is in its fifth week with no end in sight.
On May 4th, 2023, the President of Southwest State, Mr. Abdiaziz Mohamed Nur, also known as Laftagareen, along with his clan-affiliated army, seized the territory of Boonkay, a Common Land Property of the Eelay community located on the outskirts of Baidoa city, Bay region, Somalia.
Nearly a million have been displaced and more than 1,000 people killed as civilians bear the brunt of war that erupted last month.