The Covid-19 pandemic caused a sharp slowdown in the fight to end child poverty, with 333 million children still living in extreme poverty, according to a report from UNICEF.
Waxaa magaalada Nairobi lagu qabtay shir socday muddo saddex maalmood ah (10 – 12 September 2023) oo ay ka soo qayb galeen siyaasiyiin mug weyn ku leh siyaasadda Soomaaliya gaar ahaan Koonfur Galbeed, loogana tashaday arrimo ay ka mid yihiin aayaha fog ee KGS, la-dagaallanka khawaarijta iyo fulinta heshiis siyaasadeedkii doorashada ee Febraayo 4, 2023 ka dhacay magaalada Baydhabo.
Melbourne, 12/09/2023 (banooda)-Drought has become a common and frequent event in Somalia every year. There are many factors that contribute to this drought, with one of the major reasons being deforestation for
Melbourne, 10/09/2023. In Somalia, an enormous number of children aged between 7 and 14 years find themselves living on the streets due to a variety of harsh circumstances. They end up in this dire situation primarily because of factors such as being orphaned by ongoing explosions and violence, family poverty, overcrowding at home, abuse, neglect,
RIYADH — Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed on Tuesday to continue cutting oil production until the end of the year.The deal cuts global energy markets by 1.3 million barrels of crude oil per day, which has boosted oil prices.
Somaliland, officially known as the Republic of Somaliland is a self-declared sovereign state located in the Horn of Africa on the south coast of the Gulf of Aden. It is a de facto state that is, it has not been officially recognized by any of the states in the world. However, it has a working political system, state institutions, a military, and an economic system. Somaliland was the former part of Somalia. It gained independence from Somalia in 1991 after overthrowing Somali military dictator Siad Barre.
The Somali government has offered amnesty to al-Shabab militants amid an ongoing military offensive in central parts of the country. The move is seen by some analysts as a way to remove al-Shabab fighters from the battlefield, thereby weakening the insurgent group.
London (AFP) – Saudi border guards fired "like rain" on Ethiopian migrants trying to cross into the Gulf kingdom from Yemen, killing hundreds since last year, Human Rights Watch said in a report Monday.
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said a military offensive against al Shabaab aims to eliminate the al Qaeda-linked group in the next five months, but security experts question the timeline amid persistent militant attacks.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said it has ramped up response interventions to save lives and prevent cholera transmission in Somalia after 30 people died of the disease since January.