Somalia's Foreign Minister Abshir Omar Huruse arrived in Vienna for working talks with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg. This visit marked an intensified effort by Austria to develop relations with African states. The talks focused on bilateral relations, particularly concerning illegal migration, the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers, and the security situation in the Horn of Africa.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosts an enhanced honor cordon and bilateral meeting with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia at the Pentagon.
Eight killed in Garissa county in eastern Kenya, a region on the border with Somalia
1. Marka hore waxaan ka tacsiyeynaynaa dhammaan ehelada dadkii ku geeriyooday ama ku dhaaawacmay xasillooni darrada ka aloosan degmada Baraawe ee caasimadda Dowlad Goboleedka Konfur Galbeed Soomaaliya. Beesha Eelay - Seddaxda genber iyo mashaa’ikhdooda waxay baaq u direysaa Dowladda Federaalka ee Soomaaliya – JFS, Dowlad Goboleedka Koonfur galbeed iyo odayaasha dhaqanka ay khuseyso inay si deg deg ah isaga kaashadaan nabadaynta xiisada xasillooni darrada ka aloosantay degmada Baraawe.
Among the foreign actors and within the too many moving political parts in Somalia, four deserve more scrutiny in the next three years, when the presidential election is scheduled to take place. They are US, UAE, UK, and Qatar.
The international community needs to provide more humanitarian assistance and long-term climate financing to ensure the wellbeing of Somalia’s children.
Mudane Madaxweyne-Muddo kororsigu wuxuu ka mid yahay afar aafo siyaasaddeed oo halis ku ah dowlad dhiska curdanka ah ee dalkeenna. Seddaxda kale waa in ciidanka loo adeegsado siyaasadda, la xiro saaxada siyaasadda, lana beddelo nidaamka siyaasaddeed ee dalka.
Qatar said it will continue its humanitarian support for the Horn of Africa, calling on the international community to learn from previous experiences in facing major challenges and crises around the world, and to unify multilateral action, in order to face international challenges and crises.
* Somalia’s government announced an agreement on Sunday that a one-person one-vote system would be introduced in June 2024* Eight prominent politicians, among them former president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and four former prime ministers, issued a statement Monday objecting to the agreement
President Museveni has broken his silence about the deadly Al-Shabab attack on the UPDF base in Somalia, saying the soldiers panicked.