Mogadishu, Somalia — Somali terrorist group al-Shabab has threatened to attack electoral delegates who will be choosing lawmakers in parliamentary elections beginning next week.
At least 800 people got vaccinated with phony coronavirus shots sold by a group of scammers in Uganda. Authorities said the “vaccine” consisted “more of water than anything else,” and advised victims to get a legit (and free) jab.
Somali National Army (SNA) backed by Galmudug's regional paramilitary forces on Monday killed 35 al-Shabab militants in an area near Baadweyn town in Mudug region, central Somalia.
The charges filed this week against a Boise man shot multiple times by police officers in late June include allegations that he sexually abused three different children under the age of 13, according to documents from Ada County prosecutors.
The story of the Somali seven — originally a Thai fishing fleet that has engaged in illegal fishing and human rights and labour abuses over several years — shows how foreign players in illegal fishing operations often have the help of Somali actors, both within and outside the government.
Community activists are asking police to turn over the body camera footage and 911 call from the incident.
The International Bank of Somalia (IBS) introduced on 7 July a first into Somalia’s financial services: a Visa card. The international card will not only offer Somalis a quick and convenient access to money, but it is proof that despite prolonged conflict, the country’s financial sector has remained resilient.
Omar Degan was born in Italy to Somali parents who fled before the African nation’s civil war. He’s now helping rebuild the country by looking to the past to build for the future.
UAE port operator DP World and the government of Somaliland opened a new container terminal in the Berbera port this week. The new terminal increases the
Two suspects were charged with murder and attempted murder on Monday over an assassination attempt on a Ugandan government minister in which the minister was wounded and his daughter and driver were killed.