Somalia is embroiled in a political crisis as tensions soar between its president and prime minister. With parliamentary elections slated to end on February 25, the political environment remains uncertain.
The self-proclaimed state of Somaliland seeks American recognition as it presents itself as a counterweight to Chinese influence in the Horn of Africa.
Wuxuu ahaa mid ka mid ah dooliyada dunida ugu caansan, wuxuuna xitaa shaqadiisa ku muteystay abaalmarin, balse maanta ayuu dhintay isaga oo 8 sano jir ah.
MOGADISHU: The United Nations on Monday urged Somalia’s leaders to make good on their agreement for a new election timetable after repeated delays sparked a perilous political crisis.

Somalia is encountering uncertainty due to the long-delayed parliamentary elections. The country was already struggling with protracted droughts, floods, famine and locusts which jeopardised the development. The constitutional mandate of the executive and the legislative branches ended. Article 91 of the
(MENAFN- SomTribune) For too long, the dispute over U.S. posture toward Somaliland has festered. The growing threat from China and uncertainty over Djibouti's future now bring the question to a head. The storied Berbera International Airport is open and ready for operation. Prior to the 1960s, it was a major
Somalia has failed to meet its self-imposed electoral deadline even as international allies reprimanded President Mohamed Farmaajo for ‘overstepping’ his mandate on polls.
One good thing can be said about 2021: it wasn’t as tumultuous as 2020, which put in a claim to be the worst year ever. That, however, may be damning with faint praise. Yes, the past twelve months did bring some good news.
Fighters from Somalia's al Shabaab militant group attacked a town north of the capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday, killing at least seven people as they battled government security forces, a resident and police said.
Many people in the Somali capital Mogadishu watched with apprehension as the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. Could Somalia, struggling against its own