US President Donald Trump predicted that Egypt would "blow up" a mega-dam that Ethiopia is building on the Nile. Neighboring countries have criticized plans for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
Paris has recalled its envoy from Turkey following scathing remarks by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who questioned his French counterpart’s mental health, accusing Emmanuel Macron of “mistreating” millions of Muslims.
My father hated debt, and the indebtedness of several African countries helps me appreciate why.
Police in Kenya face legal action from rights groups over the killing of 15 people during the first nine weeks of a curfew implemented due to Coivd-19.
There is virtually no African country with a conflict that matches the bloody disaster in Somalia. Protracted inter-clan conflicts and the unending al Shabaab insurgency has transformed this Horn of Africa country into a large-scale human slaughterhouse.
Prosecutors in Taiwan have charged the captain of a fishing boat with ordering the killing of four suspected Somali pirates eight years ago.
The United States is expected to have resettled more than 1,100 refugees by early next year under a deal President Donald Trump reluctantly honored with Australia, an Australian official said on Monday.
Mogadishu – The Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations today signed a new cooperation agreement which sets out how the country and the world body will work together over the next five years to achieve peace, stability and prosperity for all Somalis.
Somalia's Islamist insurgents are moving millions of dollars through the formal bank system and appear to be investing in businesses and real estate, according to a United Nations report offering a rare glimpse into their finances.
TOPLINE President Trump is urging administration officials to draft a plan to pull hundreds of troops out of Somalia, Bloomberg reports, after he initiated similar moves to withdraw military forces in Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria this year.