On June 24 the world woke up to the horror of extreme police brutality by the Spanish and Moroccan forces. Some estimates say 47 young people died and more than 100 people transferred to local hospitals in extremely serious conditions. However, from the body count, based on social media video footage captured at the scene, it appears over 100 dead. Police were also seen beating injured survivors with metal objects.
The international community is well acquainted with Somalia’s many challenges. However, rumors that the country experienced environmental crimes at the hands of external companies and international criminal elements should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.
Fahad Yasin warned the staff of the agency against sharing the country’s secrets with Salad. The government still remains mum on the matter.
The United Nations in Somalia on Sunday called for strengthening of legal and social protection mechanisms for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, especially women and children.
Fatima Hamed Hossain's outspokenness against a rising Spanish far right in Ceuta has turned her into a national symbol in the fight against hate speech and inequality.
The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to respond to the growing food crisis faced by communities across Africa, including in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Somalia.
Diplomacy and patience are being used to resolve the dispute with Ethiopia over the dam. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has told Egyptians that a large dam being built by Ethiopia on the Nile will not reduce Egypt’s share of the river's water.
Kenya is set to restart exporting khat to Somalia. This is after Somalia has agreed to lift a ban on air freighting khat from Kenya that had been in place for more than two years.
Climate change and La Niña have caused an unprecedented multi-season drought, punctuated by one of the worst March-to-May rains in 70 years.  

YAOUNDÈ, Cameroon – As droughts continue to hit countries across the Horn of Africa, a leading Catholic aid agency says 20 million people are facing an acute food shortage.