Signs of unpleasant geopolitical rumblings in the Igad cluster are visible within and outside each of the countries. Eritrea, on the Red Sea, punches above its geographical and demographical size and often appears like the friction instigator in the Horn of Africa.
Somalia’s first step towards a nationwide climate adaptation strategy.
Garowe (PP News Desk) — People in Jiingadaha camp for internally displaced persons in Garowe, Somalia, are bearing the brunt of the economic hardships caused by the depreciation of the Somali shilling.
The US military says its withdrawal of troops from Somalia is complete, in one of the last actions of Donald Trump's presidency.
KHARTOUM (Reuters) - An Ethiopian military aircraft crossed the Sudanese-Ethiopian border‮ ‬in a ‮”‬dangerous and unjustified escalation”, Sudan’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.
Melbourne (banooda)-Nowadays many Somalis created YouTube channels looking for green (Click money) and without reading or knowing the guidelines or rules and regulations of YouTube and in addition to this, they post fake stories, unnecessary and unethical posts which has zero benefits for the community. Please stop posting unwanted and immoral posts.
In December, Somalia cut diplomatic ties with Kenya accusing it of repeatedly “meddling in its internal affairs” and “violating its sovereignty”. The move brought the long-simmering tensions between the two neighbours to the surface and ushered in a tinderbox situation that will have wide-reaching geopolitical ramifications if not resolved quickly.
As the arbitrary arrests and detentions of journalists continue at an alarming rate and the presidential election draws closer, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the authorities to enact as soon as possible the promised moratorium on deprivation of liberty measures targeting journalists for crimes allegedly committed in the exercise of their function.
The UN migration agency said Friday it has donated telemedicine devices to help Somalia provide improved healthcare services in hospitals and clinics across the country.
Somali National Army (SNA) on Thursday killed senior al-Shabab commander and eight of his bodyguards after the militants attempted to attack a military base in Diinsoor district in Bay region, southwest Somalia.