US military donates weapons, and military equipment to Somalia Featured

The United States government presented the Somali National Army with a $9 million donation of military equipment at a ceremony on Sunday, as the country’s military continues to fight against al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda linked group.

The donation included weapons, vehicles, medical supplies and other equipment for Somalia’s armed forces. The ceremony was attended by Somalia’s Minister of Defense and Chief of Defense Forces Forces Brig. Gen. Odowaa Yusuf Rageh, according to a U.S. Embassy in Somalia statement.

Somalia’s military forces have engaged in counterterrorism operations aided by U.S. Africa Command and the African Union. In 2022, the United States conducted 15 airstrikes against the terror group — an uptick compared to 2021.

The Biden administration stationed a few hundred U.S. troops in the country to train Somali government forces — and conduct airstrikes on al-Shabab targets.

Aside from U.S. soldiers in the country, the African Union Mission to Somalia currently has more than 20,000 troops deployed there to increase government control over the country and curb al-Shabab’s influence.

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